Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Bracelet will receive more battery than Mi Band 3 and $ 28 price tag

The network continues to appear new details about the smart bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 4.

What is known

Chinese portal

CNMO has published another image of the novelty andrevealed some information. As previously assumed, Mi Band 4 will be equipped with a color display. In addition, the device will receive Bluetooth 5.0, an improved sensor for tracking the pulse and a 135 mAh battery. For comparison, in the current model Mi Band 3 battery capacity is 110 mAh.

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A new smart bracelet, like its predecessor,will be released in two versions: XMSH08HM and XMSH07HM. They will be distinguished by the presence of NFC-module for contactless payments. Support for Google Pay service is still in question.

Price and when to wait

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 should be out soon. According to the leaks, they will ask for a regular model around $ 28-43, and for the version with NFC, you will have to pay about $ 72.

Do you know that

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