Xiaomi Mi Band 5 fitness tracker will receive NFC in the international market

In mid-June, Xiaomi released a new generation of fitness trackers Mi Band 4 (pictured) and is already working on

the successor is Xiaomi Mi Band 5. And sources are already sharing new details about the fifth generation of the bracelet.

What to expect

It seems that finally the truck with buns will roll over and outside of China. According to TizenHelp, NFC support will now be on the international market.

Recall, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has two versions: with and without an NFC module, with the first version available only to Chinese users. In countries outside of the Middle Kingdom, only the version without NFC support is available.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2020. As usual, Huami will do the production of fitness trackers.

Apparently, by expanding the functionality of Xiaomiwants to further strengthen the market for wearable devices. Although now the popularity of Mi Band gadgets can only be envied. Recall, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has become a bestseller, especially in the home market: in China, the first million bracelets sold in just 8 days. Of course, if Xiaomi Mi Band 5 receives NFC support around the world, it is worth waiting for new records.

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