Xiaomi Mi Display 1A: 23.8-inch monitor with thin frames, IPS-matrix, viewing angle of 178 degrees and a price tag of $ 99

Xiaomi company, without too much noise, released its new monitor - Mi Display 1A.

What is known

It's slightly

An updated version of the usual Mi Display. The new product boasts an IPS-display with a diagonal of 23.8 inches, Full HD resolution and very thin frames.

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The screen received a refresh rate of 60 Hz andviewing angle of 178 degrees. It also has a smart dimming function. By the way, the panel brightness reaches 250 cd / m². The contrast ratio is 1000: 1, and the response time is 6 ms.

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Of the interesting things about Mi Display 1A, there is a Plug and Play function, as well as the ability to connect multiple monitors at once.

Price and when to wait

Xiaomi Mi Display 1A has already appeared on sale on the official Chinese website of Xiaomi. For a novelty they ask for only 100 US dollars.

Source: Xiaomi

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