Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 can get reverse wireless charging

Recently, the director of Xiaomi for new products, Wang Teng Thomas, promised that the new flagship Mi Mix 4 will be

it will charge faster than Mi 9. That is, Mi Mix 4 will clearly have a wireless charging, but maybe it will also be reverse.

What is known

The fact is that the MIUI beta code foundmention of the same reverse wireless charging. The description says that users will be able to "use the smartphone to wirelessly charge other devices." In addition, this feature will be “automatically turned off if charging does not start within 90 seconds,” in order not to waste battery power.

What kind of model will receive such a charge - is unknown, but, most likely, it will be Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Recall now Xiaomi only a fewSmartphones that support wireless charging are the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S and Xiaomi Mi 9. And the reverse wireless charging has only recently appeared among competitors: Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Huawei P30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10 family. Also this function is attributed to the new iPhone.

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