Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha in a video review: how an unusual smartphone wrapped in a display works

Last September, Xiaomiunveiled its concept flagship Mi Mix Alpha for $ 2,800. It has not yet been on sale, but it fell into the hands of the famous blogger Marcus Brownlee, also known as MKBHD.

What showed

It seems that Marcus got a prototype smartphone, as some points still need to be finalized.

But first, recall what stands out XiaomiMi Mix Alpha. First of all, this is a display that occupies 180.6% of the surface area of ​​the entire device. That is, he wraps around almost the entire body, leaving room only for a small metal strap with a camera. According to Marcus, the screen is protected by glass, but this is not one single piece, but several parts interconnected, creating the illusion of integrity. When light falls on the verge - it is easy to notice.

Each part of the display performs a specifictask. The left end displays the date, time and notifications, the rear panel displays the weather, step counter, music controls and the like. On the right side are some digital controls for adjusting the volume and turning on the power, but these buttons are very often pressed accidentally.

To take a selfie - the user will have to rotate the smartphone, since he has one camera - the main one. But she is 108-megapixel!

In general, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha turned out to be an interesting device. Soon it should go on sale in India, but nothing is known about the release in other countries.

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