Xiaomi Mi Pocket Photo Printer: compact photo printer for $ 50

Xiaomi continues to amaze us with its devices. This time the company showed a new printer for

Photos - Mi Pocket Photo Printer.

What is known

The device received a minimalist design andcompact case, which is made of special fire-resistant plastic. Mi Pocket Photo Printer connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet and is capable of printing 3-inch photos (the resolution of the pictures is not reported). The printer uses ZINK technology for this, which does not require ink cartridges and prints in one pass. By the way, the same system is installed in Polaroid cameras. Of interesting things, the printer supports AR photography. What this is shown in the GIF image below:

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Price and when to wait

From today, the printer will appear on Xiaomi crowdfunding with a price tag of $ 42. If the fundraising goes well, sales of the device plan to begin in October. Then its price tag will increase to $ 50.

Do you know that

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