Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800 with Qualcomm chip and Wi-Fi 6 support can be bought now on AliExpress for $ 58

If you wanted to buy yourself a new router, then the editors gg found a great deal for you on AliExpress

- Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800.


This is last year's model that canboast an unusual tower-like appearance. The device is powered by a Qualcomm APQ6000 quad-core processor, which comes with a separate NPU chip. The router supports OFDMA and Wi-Fi 6 technologies. It has 256 MB of RAM, 128 MB of ROM and several antennas with Qorvo signal amplifiers.

Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800 works at 2.4 and 5.0 GHz. Up to 128 devices can be connected to it. Naturally, the router is configured through a proprietary application on a smartphone.

How much is

They sell now Xiaomi Mi Router AX1800 on AliExpress for $ 58 (30% discount). This offer is valid for another 22 hours.

Do you know that

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