Xiaomi Mi TV 4 PRO, Mi TV 4A PRO, Mi TV 4C PRO and Mi TV 4X PRO smart TVs will receive Android Pie update in September

XDA-Developers reporters talked to Xiaomi Product Manager Sudeep Sahu. He shared

plans for software updates for smart TVs Mi TV 4.

When to expect

According to the employee, Xiaomi is already in the nextmonth will release stable firmware Android 9 Pie for models Mi TV 4 PRO, Mi TV 4A PRO, Mi TV 4C PRO and Mi TV 4X PRO. The update will begin to be sent out first to a small number of users, and then over the next months to everyone else. The first "fresh" Android should receive 32-inch versions of Mi TV 4A PRO and Mi TV 4C PRO.

What to expect

In the new firmware, the company's developers will improve the shell interface, as well as add the Play Store app store, support for the Google Assistant voice assistant, Chromecast, and much more.

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