Xiaomi Mi TV Pro - 8K for a penny

Xiaomi is blowing up the market again! This time, Xiaomi Mi TV Pro TVs went on sale, which became the cheapest and

technological in the history of the company. Just appreciate: you can buy Mi TV Pro 43 ″ for $ 210. They say that after the presentation of these TVs in the divisions, Samsung and LG were allowed to smoke directly at the workplace. But seriously, this is really a terrific offer. Why, we will understand in the review.

Review Xiaomi Mi TV Pro

The line of TVs is presented by models withdiagonal 43 ″, 50 ″ and 65 ″. The design is positioned as frameless. And, indeed, the display occupies 97% of the front of the TV. Xiaomi Mi TV Pro got the opportunity to play content in 8K resolution (at the software level, since the resolution of the matrix itself is only 4K). Naturally, televisions received support for a huge number of interfaces.


We continue the review of Xiaomi Mi TV Pro and dwell on the technical characteristics of TVs.

  • CPU Amlogic T972, 12 nm, 4 cores, clock frequency 1.9 GHz
  • resolution 3840 × 2160 px8K software support
  • viewing angle: 178 °
  • refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • memory: 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal
  • wireless interfaces Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.2
  • ports: 2 USB Type-A, 3xHDMI, Ethernet
  • runs on Android TV with a proprietary PatchWall 2.0 shell that supports AI
  • sound: 2 x 8W speakers, DOLBY AUDIO, DTS-HD dual-decoding audio


There is nothing special to say about the appearance of TV, that's allas expected. It is worth noting the fact that the framework of Xiaomi Mi TV Pro is metal (aluminum glory) and it is, indeed, healthy for a TV for $ 200! The rear panel of the 50 ″ and 65 ″ models will have a distinctive feature - a structured carbon coating. The wall this coating will be directed to will definitely be very nice!

Personally, I paid attention to the design of the legs of the TV. They are made in minimalism and look very harmonious with the thin frame of the screen. Laser engraving “Designed by Xiaomi” flaunts on the side. The Chinese are proud!

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Xiaomi Mi TV Pro TVs work underPatchWall branded shell management. This is a stable software that has established itself on an exceptionally positive side. There is voice control and support for artificial intelligence. This greatly facilitates the work with the system. By the way, there will be no problems with the Russian language, it is supported here “out of the box”.


We approached the most interesting in the review. You can buy Xiaomi Mi TV Pro in China at the following prices:

  • Xiaomi Mi TV Pro 43 ″ - $ 210
  • Xiaomi Mi TV Pro 50 ″ - $ 337
  • Xiaomi Mi TV Pro 65 ″ - $ 477

It is worth noting that these are prices for China. Official sales in other countries have not been announced. However, for Russia this is not a problem. It will be possible to buy through intermediaries or at the largest trading floors. As soon as possible, then immediately update the article and add links to stores!

In the meantime, you can monitor the availability of Xiaomi Mi TV Pro at the Ultratrade store. They are closely engaged in Xiaomi TVs in Russia.

A source: Xiaomi