Xiaomi Mi Watch. Smart watches with eSIM, NFC and top design

The Xiaomi Mi Watch smartwatch is designed to be a full-fledged response to the Apple Watch. The company has focused

to the advanced capabilities of the device.The watch is positioned as a mini-smartphone through which you can go online, make calls and use applications. Release date — November 5. Mi Watch will be presented along with the Mi CC9 Pro/Mi Note 10 smartphones, as well as a series of new Mi TV 5 TVs.

Xiaomi's CEO called the watch "a smartphone for your wrist."

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Frankly, in the market of smart watches and bracelets atXiaomi is not so smooth. Except for the Mi Band series of course. The company produces obviously obsolete models, which are deprived of a number of functions that have long been implemented by competitors and are in demand among buyers. Either the display is ancient, then the language of the problem or firmware is unstable. In general, Xiaomi watches have enough problems.

Then there was hope! Xiaomi Mi Watch is really very similar in appearance to the Apple Watch, and this is partly pleasing. Maybe all the same, engineers from the Middle Kingdom dawned on and they are ready to present a suitable product? We will find out on November 5, but for now a series of leaks that will clarify the situation around the clock a little.

Special features

Xiaomi Mi Watch will receive eSIM support(virtual SIM card). Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC. A tactile vibration motor is also claimed. For communication, a speaker and a microphone will be used. Governing bodies: the button in combination with a wheel (alya Digital Crown). The manufacturer promises excellent autonomy.


The heart of the watch will be a single-chip systemQualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100. The decision is doubtful, since the chip wasintroduced a year ago and did not become a major update to the lineup (Cortex-A7 in 2019 is not promising). Performance is definitely not expected to be top-end, but the price tag will be low.


On this leak ended, leaked enoughinformation, but did not disclose the OS on which Xiaomi Mi Watch will work. If this is another closed system, then the clock will fail, they will most likely be popular only in China. If the engineers implement control through Android Wear, then it will be generally gorgeous. Then there will be contactless payment, and hassle-free globalization. The price is still unknown, but most likely not higher than $ 200. We look forward to November 5th!

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