Xiaomi Mi Watch will be able to play music offline

And although the market for smart watches and fitness bracelets today is already oversaturated, still a large smart watch can

play music exclusively throughsmartphone, not standalone. However, Xiaomi wants to break this stereotype. The new wrist accessory, which will be announced in a couple of days, looks like it will be able to play music on its own.

Xiaomi smartwatch

Some time ago, the official Mijia channelWeibo published a document stating: “Xiaomi smart watches can download, store and play music through headphones and amplifiers. Wearing them every day will provide a good mood. "

As seen from the promo image that wasreleased in order to foster public interest in the new product, Xiaomi smart watches can display songs in full screen mode, providing playback, pause, fast forward / rewind, volume control, loading and many other functions.

Since you can download and store songs,it’s easy to guess that this also means that the amount of internal memory will be much larger than other smart watches on the market. Do not forget that there will also be an application store in which you can select and install applications.

Video from Mi Watch

According to official sources, the watch from Xiaomiwill be China's first genuine smartwatch with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor. It provides independent Wi-Fi / Bluetooth, independent GPS, independent high-performance processor, independent NFC, independent speaker, high-capacity battery, eSIM virtual card, etc.

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi smart watcheswill provide the application market. Thus, you can download and use applications such as WeChat, Alipay, Didi Travel and so on. In addition, the company also emphasized that it will be open to third-party developers. This means that other manufacturers can develop appropriate applications for these smart watches, which further enhances the capabilities of users.

It is worth noting that the smart watch Mi Watch will also be able to work with Xiaomi smart home.

Mi Watch will be released on November 5th. The presentation will also feature other exciting new products.