Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2 is already on sale

In April 2017, Xiaomi released a first-generation wireless mouse priced at 69 yuan (about 10

dollars). When using 2.4G high speed transmission, the usage distance is up to 10 meters. This first version came with a precise positioning of 1200 dpi, and the side had a dedicated navigation button. With it, you can easily return to the previous web page with one click.

Xiaomi Mi 2 Mouse

Two years later, the tech giant finally releasedsecond generation accessory. The new Xiaomi Mi 2 wireless mouse now costs 59 yuan (about $ 9). The 2.4G transmission speed remains the same, but the design is now much better than the previous generation.

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse Uses the Bestdesign materials. The surface finish is smoother with improved tactile perception. The feel of using a mouse is now even better. Particles of fluffy effect in combination with spray paint provide a gentle and pleasant skin touch.

The mouse is equipped with an aluminum alloy roller,the surface is sandblasted and anodized. This provides her with a better texture. There is also a mute button that makes the mouse quiet. Whether you are in the bedroom, in the conference room or in the library, the accessory will not bother others. The sound of the click will be completely eliminated.

The accessory comes with magnetic adsorptiontop cover structure. This ensures that the battery can be easily removed and installed by opening the top cover. According to official company data, the battery can last up to one year. Xiaomi Mi Wireless Mouse 2 has a photoelectric sensor with a resolution of 1000 dpi.

Two versions of the mouse from Xiaomi are available for sale - in black and white.