Xiaomi MiJia Air Purifier 3: updated $ 127 air purifier

Xiaomi introduced its first air purifier, MiJia Air Purifier, in 2014, and has now announced

its third generation.

What is known

If we compare MiJia Air Purifier 3 withprevious version, the new product is now capable of delivering a larger volume of clean air (6660L) with increased speed (400 m³/h), distribution area (37-48 m²) and improved filtration by 29%. However, the dimensions of the device itself remained the same. The power of the purifier is 38 W.

The new product is also equipped with a control button andOLED display that displays information about the amount of air in the room, temperature, humidity, PM2.5 value in real time, as well as network status. The device also has several air purification modes.

Naturally, MiJia Air Purifier 3 can be connected to a Xiaomi smart home and controlled using an app.

Price and when to wait

The new device can already be pre-ordered for $ 127, and its sales will begin on August 16.

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