Xiaomi MiJia Automatic Foaming Hand Wash Pro: soap dispenser with USB-C port, IPX5 protection and autonomy up to 6 months for $ 17

Xiaomi has announced a new liquid soap dispenser in China under the MiJia brand.

What is known


named MiJia Automatic Foaming Hand Wash Pro.The novelty differs from the previous version in a modified design. In addition, the device is now powered not from AA batteries, but from a built-in 1400 mAh battery. According to the company, it will last up to 6 months of work. The battery is charged using the USB-C port.

The dispensary has IPX5 protection and holds 300 ml of soap.Naturally, the new product supports the automatic dispensing function. In addition, the gadget boasts a 20-second beep immediately after the soap is dispensed. It reminds the user to wash their hands thoroughly.

Price and when to wait

MiJia Automatic Foaming Hand Wash Pro has already started selling in China. Now they are asking for $ 17 for a novelty. Then the gadget will cost $ 20.

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