Xiaomi MiJia Night Light 2: a compact lamp with a magnetic design and a motion sensor for $ 6

Xiaomi has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new version of the MiJia Night Light 2 lamp.

What is known

The novelty received a plastic case withspecial magnetic design, thanks to which the device can be rotated in any direction. Mounts MiJia Night Light 2 on a bed, wardrobe or wall using double-sided tape.

The lamp responds to movements within a 120° radius and automatically turns on the light. It can also be activated manually through a proprietary application.

The new model received a maximum light brightness of 25 lumens and three batteries with a total capacity of 1500 mAh. They at minimum or medium brightness will last for 365 days.


The price of the new product will be $6, but now the company is asking $13 for a set of three MiJia Night Light 2 to raise funds.

Do you know that

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