Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 certified in Russia

In the Unified Register of notifications on the characteristics of encryption (cryptographic) means and goods, their

containing, published by the Eurasian EconomicCommission, there was an entry about the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 smartphone. This smartphone was announced almost six months ago, in August 2022, but the manufacturer has never announced its intention to release it outside of China. However, he received a notification, and it was Russian (code for RU), and not Belarusian, Kazakh or Armenian.

It is possible, however, that this is only an effortsome parallel importers who for some reason bothered to receive a notification, although this is not at all necessary. Unlike the register of declarations of conformity, which is published by Rosaccreditation, the register of notifications does not contain information about who received it - only information about the device itself and its manufacturer. In any case, we will wait for news - and the appearance of Mix Fold 2 in Russian

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