Xiaomi next week announces new Mi Charge Turbo fast wireless charging technology

Xiaomi has published a poster on the Weibo page with the date of the announcement of the new technology.

What is known

We are talking about Mi fast wireless chargingCharge Turbo for smartphones with 5G network support. The new technology will be shown next week - September 9. Currently, Xiaomi wireless charging reaches a maximum power of 20 W, while wired fast charging reaches 27 W. Most likely, in the new version the manufacturer will reduce this gap.

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Who will get first

New technology for fast wireless chargingthe first to receive the flagship Xiaomi Mi Mix 4. According to rumors, the device will be equipped with a main camera with a 108 megapixel module and a MIUI 11 shell. The smartphone should be presented in China on September 24.

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Do you know that

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