Xiaomi postponed sales of washing machine Redmi 1A

Last month, Xiaomi Redmi, together with the Redmi 7 smartphone, also launched the Redmi 1A washing machine.

The novelty should have been on store shelves on April 9, but things didn’t go as planned.

What happened

The company had to postpone the sales date duehigh demand for washing machine. Now the manufacturer is engaged in filling warehouses so that everyone would not have to wait long for their order. So far, the new sales date has not been reported, but most likely it will happen this month.

If you suddenly forgot

Recall washing machine Redmi 1A receivedminimalistic white body and vertical load of linen up to 8 kg. It has 10 modes of washing, including delicate, quick washing, rinsing and even drying. Depending on the number of things, the water level in Redmi 1A can be chosen independently. The price of a washing machine is only 120 US dollars.

Do you know that

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