Xiaomi promises a smartphone with LCD display and a new on-screen scanner up to $ 300

Just yesterday we wrote about the fact that the Chinese company Fortsense has developed the world's first under-screen scanner

prints, which can be built not into an OLED, but into an LCD display. And now there is already the first contender for this technology - Xiaomi.

What promise

Xiaomi Product Director Wang Tengstated that the company will adopt these developments and will definitely release a smartphone with such an under-screen scanner. Moreover, it will cost less than $300.

So far, Fortsense only has patents and developments, so you definitely shouldn’t expect such a model to be released soon. According to Teng, most likely, the smartphone will appear at the end of this year or next year.

“In-display fingerprint scanner under the LCD displaytechnically possible, but there is still little chance of launching the product this year. The fastest release will be at the end of this year, but most likely it will still be next year,” he noted.

Let us remind you that Xiaomi also promises to present a smartphone with a new 700 series chip in the coming weeks. With a high degree of probability, we are talking about the Snapdragon 730 SoC, which was presented in early April.

Do you know that

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