Xiaomi Redmi has released an improved version of its inexpensive wireless headphones

Xiaomi Redmi has released an improved version of its low-cost wireless headphones - AirDots S. They saved the price and

design, but have become better connected to the smartphone.

Distinguish Redmi AirDots S from the original externallyimpossible. The brand has even retained the colors for the headphones. But the characteristics of the new model have become better. The original AirDots connected to the device like this: first, the right earphone established the connection, and then the left one connected to it.

Redmi AirDots S has changed the approach. Now when you connect the headset to the device, both headphones are connected at once. However, the user can still use only one earphone if necessary.

AirDots S have a Bluetooth 5.0 chip, and according to Redmi, data transfer has improved. The connection has become faster and more stable.

New headphones cost as much as their predecessor - 100 yuan (about a thousand rubles).