Xiaomi Redmi Note 7. King of state employees

Redmi Note 7 review and comparison

The company Xiaomi continues to call names, releasing new separate independent

brands under your start. “Redmi” is another line of smartphones in the middle price segment, designed to break the patterns of the mobile market, well, actually, nothing surprising, it is in their “heavenly” spirit.

It's all about the price, it is extremely low for this.kind of technical characteristics and capabilities. If earlier the company could afford lower prices in the middle segment due to more primitive Micro USB-type interfaces, lack of fast charging in most models, well, it simply saved on assembly (case, screen cover, plastic antenna inserts), then in the case of Redmi Note 7 is different. And I want to offer you to consider it in more detail and make an exciting comparison with competitors. What the Chinese were able to surprise this time, let's understand.


Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is endowed with eight cores,four of which operate at 2.2 GHz, and auxiliary 4 cores at 1.8 GHz. This is the golden mean among single-chip systems, perfectly balanced and showing excellent results in Antutu tests (144,599 points). Installed in such successful devices as Mi A2, Meizu 15, Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 ...


Here, Xiaomi decided to steal a little, putting the main 12 Mp (f / 1.8) module for everything 48 Mp, and yes you should have guessed it yourselfthe resolution is achieved by various software algorithms (well, suppose that “rolled”), and the second auxiliary module is 5 Mp. The front camera is 13 megapixels, with its help you can make selfies using artificial intelligence. The system has a bunch of add-ons and enhancers that will allow you to make stunning “crossbows”. Frontalka is responsible for unlocking the smartphone in the face.

Redmi Note 7 camera should really givegood results. It's not a secret to anyone today that the pledge of a successful photo on a smartphone is 70% dependent on the software component. In addition, Google Camera application support is claimed, and it is expensive, not everyone can afford such a luxury!

Display and appearance

The model received an IPS matrix with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 with a diagonal of 6.3 inches and a brightness of 500 nits. In the upper part of the display there is a drop-shaped notch under the camera in the manner of OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Mi Play.

This is an excellent screen, it is worth noting separately the protection of Gorilla Glass 5, which is not typical for this price category.
Also for the first time in the line Redmi decided to replaceAluminum back side on the glass, which looks much nicer and more expensive. Yes, and the feelings in the hands are completely different, this greatly influenced the appearance and ergonomics of the device. On the back is a familiar fingerprint scanner.

Price, memory and peripherals

The Redmi line could always surprise consumers with a large amount of built-in battery. Note 7 was no exception, receiving a capacity in 4000 mAh. At the same time, the manufacturer did not stop and added a USB Type-C connector with technology support to the phone. Quick Charge 4.0 - this is very impressive! Exactly the same interface installed in the company's flagship Mi 8, allows you to charge your phone in 15 minutes to 50%!

I’m drooling on the screen right now ... allThis “kindness” can be bought in several versions 3/32, 4/64, 6/64 GB of RAM and internal memory, respectively, but this is not all, there is a slot for expanding the memory with support for volume cards up to 256 GB. The price for the younger modification is about 12 000 rubles! Xiaomi does not expect to earn money on Redmi Note 7, but people will definitely appreciate this move and will be willing to move to the “Mi” camp.

  • 3/32 GB - $ 147
  • 4/64 GB - $ 176
  • 6/64 GB - $ 206

Many users will also appreciate the presence of an infrared port, a modern Bluetooth 5.0, 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Comparison with competitors

At the moment, the Note 7 competition is justThere is no due to extremely low prices, but there are smartphones with similar functionality and specifications. Let's make a comparison and find out what they can oppose to the “king of state employees”?

Mi 8 lite

  • Display: 6.26 ″ IPS, Full HD + (2280 x 1080), 19: 9 aspect ratio
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • Battery: 3350 mAh
  • Main camera: 12 MP aperture f / 1.9, autofocus Dual Pixel + additional 5 MP sensor.
  • Front camera: 24 MP 4-in-1 Super Pixel technology
  • Dimensions: 156.4 x 75.8 x 7.5 mm. Weight: 169 g. Memory: 4/64 GB; 6/128 GB
  • Price: from 18 000 tr.

At first glance, it may seem that devicesalmost identical, but there are small differences. For example, the battery capacity and charging speed will be higher and higher on Note 7, but the 8 Lite boasts a cool front camera, and that makes all the difference. Personally, I definitely prefer Redmi here, the price decides.

Honor 8x

  • Display: 6.5 ″ IPS, Full HD + (2340 x 1080), 19: 9 aspect ratio
  • Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 710
  • Battery: 3750 mAh
  • Main camera: 20 + 2 MP
  • Front camera: 16 MP with AI
  • Dimensions: 160.4 x 76.6 x 7.8 mm. Weight: 175 g
  • Memory 4/64; 4/128;
  • Price: 17990 tr.

I assume Redmi Note 7 is made forTo compete with Honor 8X, a kind of "otvetka" from Xiaomi. We are seeing similar specifications. Unless there are slight differences in the capacity of the battery in favor of Note 7, but I’ll also note the NFC in Honor, this, you know, a stone in the garden Redmi, they say they put glass, and NFC was squeezed


Samsung looks a bit boring on the background, evenif you take the “A” line, it’s hard to find any advantage, in all of Redmi Note 7 it will be more profitable: processor, screen, battery, fast charging and ... except for Samsung Pay, but this does not justify indecent price ...

You can also note the dust and moisture protection, but byto me, it's just a nice bonus, nothing more. This “feature” will not be used daily (for example, in the bath to bathe it), while a healthy battery with support for fast charging is constantly involved.

"Amoled" - wait, well, for starters, this is controversialadvantage! Two different technologies, each in its own way is good, but the screen resolution, similar to Redmi Note 7, can be seen only in A7, A8, A9 phones, but there the price is completely different!
And Samsung is no longer able to operate with the design, Redmi looks much more fresh and uses the same elements - metal, glass.

Own single-chip system "Exynos" -so, let's be realistic, all the tests indicate that it is rather one of the nails in the lid of the company’s coffin, and not an advantage. And it does not matter which category we are talking about, the higher, the sadder it looks against the competition in the face of the same Qualcomm and Kirin.

Yeah ... I see Samsung's bubblebegins to "brighten" and soon burst. Of course, if the Koreans change the policy and rethink the price for their devices, everything can change, we can only observe the further developments in the mobile market.


Redmi Note 7 - Perfectly Balanceda smartphone of the middle price segment, and I believe that this is how the state employee should look like in the future, so that everyone could afford a device with a pleasant design, components and generally excellent technical characteristics. In the mobile industry, a new level has been set, to which all major market players will now strive, and Xiaomi has set this bar: well, well, as expected, keep it up!

Where can one buy?

In Russia, this model will not appear soon, butRedmi Note 7 can be bought at the largest Chinese sites. Now the excitement is already asleep and prices have begun to level off, which is good news! Here is a list of reliable stores:

Aliexpress (Goldway)
Link to smartphone

Aliexpress (Mi Global Store)
Link to smartphone

Aliexpress (Xiaomi Online Store)
Link to smartphone