Xiaomi released a new $ 7 Bluetooth Hygrometer

Xiaomi Mijia crowdfunding platform announced a new version of the hygrometer (a device for changing

temperature and humidity) released last year.

What is known

Mi Home Bluetooth Hygrothermograph 2 haslow power square display. The previous model had a round LCD screen. AAA batteries, which were used in the first version, the manufacturer replaced with a CR2032 battery. Unlike its predecessor, the device does not show the level of charge.

The gadget is equipped with a Swiss Sensirion built-in temperature and humidity sensor, which detects changes in temperature up to 0.1 ° C and humidity up to 1%.

You can control the hygrometer using the applicationMijia. It is also compatible with Xiaomi air conditioner, humidifier and heater. For example, the air conditioner will automatically turn on when the room temperature rises to a certain level. Children's mode will allow you to receive notifications when the temperature and humidity indicators exceed the parameters suitable for the child.

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During crowdfunding, 3 hygrometers will cost $ 7, after the start of sales, the price will rise to $ 4 for one device.

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