Xiaomi reported on sales of smartphones in Q1 2022: are the clouds gathering?

As we learned from the report for the first quarter of 2022, the smartphone market is in decline. At the same time, the most noticeable

it is observed in Xiaomi (-20%), which is expectedreflected in its official financial report for the first three months of the year. According to it, the total income in the first quarter was 73.4 billion yuan (-4.6% compared to Q1 2021), but net income is much more indicative: it amounted to 2.9 billion yuan, which is 52.9% lower than in the previous year. same period a year earlier.

If we talk directly about the segmentsmartphones, its share of Xiaomi's revenue was 45.8 billion yuan through the sale of 38.5 million devices. At the same time, almost 4 million of them are expensive solutions costing from 3,000 yuan, implemented in China. Curiously, the company succeeded in raising the average selling price of smartphones in the global market: it rose by 14.1% to 1,189 yuan ($178). Xiaomi explains the negative dynamics with a new outbreak of coronavirus in China, as well as logistics problems in the global market.

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    According to Xiaomi