Xiaomi Roidmi NEX - Cordless Vacuum Cleaner 2 in 1

Partner Xiaomi presented an updated version of its legendary vacuum cleaner - Roidmi NEX. Model got all

The most anticipated chips: increased power, wireless charging and wet cleaning. The implementation of the latest in vacuum cleaners of this level is very impressive and once again underlines the premium and unique products of Roidmi. Further detailed review of new items.

Review Roidmi NEX

This model is a follower of the famouswireless vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8, which was originally introduced as the main competitor to Dyson. And it happened, F8 gained crazy popularity, it was especially appreciated in Europe. High suction power, rich equipment, high build quality and low price (relative to competitors, namely the Dyson V-series) turned out to be the key factors affecting demand.

But he had some nuances thatdemanded completion. Personally, as the user lacked wireless charging in the Roidmi F8, the rest of the vacuum cleaner was completely convenient. The company's engineers completely rethought the model and introduced not only the possibility of wireless recharging, but also added the function of wet cleaning. Installed a new filtration system and a more powerful engine. Let's continue the review of the Roidmi NEX and dwell on the technical features.

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435 W (145 AW)

Revolutions per minute

Suction power
23 500 Pa

72 Wh (2500 mAh) - up to 60 minutes from a single charge

Charging time
2.5 hours

1.5 kg, with electric brush 2.5 kg

Cleaning system
6-level (HEPA filter needs to be changed periodically)

Dust collector volume
0.4 liters

1191 x 259 x 158 mm


Special features

Updates from the Roidmi NEX cordless vacuum cleaner are so significant that each item you want to analyze in detail, let's start with the motor.

The design of the vacuum cleaner has been marked internationally 6 times!


Vacuum cleaner got a new brushless motorEngine-X, whose power rating is 435 watts. For a wireless device, this is a very high value! The engine during operation can unwind up to 120,000 revolutions per minute. The suction power is 23,500 Pa. The maximum noise level during operation - 72 dB

Filtration system

New technology was used for the first time.filtering dust and debris. The dust separation system is called Air-X. It allows you to filter the air efficiently and in several stages, which in turn prevents the filters from clogging up quickly and, as a result, reducing power. Roidmi NEX is now longer able to operate at maximum suction power.

In addition, the 6-tier filtration system is now added an additional HEPA filter (now there are two) and a cut-off plate.


Let's continue the review of Xiaomi Roidmi NEX and stopon an extremely important point - autonomy. For food meet the eight most powerful battery cells LG. Intelligent battery management BMS-X has been incorporated into the power system. Thanks to this, we managed to increase autonomy up to 60 minutes from a single charge. They also added a wireless charging station - this is really great and not enough! 2.5 hours from 0 to 100%.

Wet cleaning system

It is implemented as simply and efficiently as possible. The nozzle tank is attached to the main brush with a magnetic lock. The Bionic technology based on the principle of plant capillary function is implemented in the washing nozzle. Depending on the intensity of the movements, the microfiber nozzles are evenly wetted. The container has a volume of 160 ml, and it will be enough for a full cycle of work.

Comparing Roidmi NEX and Roidmi F8

It would be stupid in the review not to compare the two models and not to bring out the main differences between the Roidmi NEX and the Roidmi F8, more details in the table below:

Roidmi nex
Roidmi f8

Peak power
435 W
415 W

Suction power
23,500 Pa
18,500 Pa

up to 60 minutes
up to 55 minutes

Wireless charger

Wet cleaning

Filtration system
6 level

Noise level
75 dB

The rest of the models are similar, both externally (except for colors), and on the set.


She is still top. Here you will find many tips for different tasks. Including there is also a mega popular furniture nozzle, which is able to clear your favorite sofa and chairs from mite dust.


Buy Roidmi NEX will be starting from July 29. In China, a vacuum cleaner will cost ¥ 1,699, which is approximately 16,000 rubles.