Xiaomi showed a desktop fan with up to 12 hours autonomy, a USB-C port and a $ 14 price tag

Xiaomi recently introduced the DDPAI miniONE Dashcam Night Vision video recorder, and now the company has announced another

interesting new product.

What is known

This is a desktop fan withminimalistic design and several body colors. The device received three adjustable operating modes and a 4000 mAh energy-intensive battery. It, according to the company, will last up to 12 hours. It is charged via the USB-C port. It can also be connected to a portable charging battery, laptop or PC. The fan was also equipped with a rotatable upper part of the case (by 60 degrees) and a removable grille.








Price and when to wait

The novelty will go on sale in the near future. Issue price - $ 14.

Updated:the new product is called Xiaomi SOLOVE Stand Fan F5 and can already be ordered on Aliexpress. True, the price is higher than the official one - $30.

Do you know that

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