Xiaomi showed Smartmi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3: a smart fan with temperature, humidity and autonomy up to 20 hours

Xiaomi has shown a new device under the Smartmi brand in China today.

What are we talking about

It's about smart

Smartmi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3.It received a black paintwork, a Minebea brushless DC motor with a double-layer enclosed engine compartment, a propeller with seven soft blades, and a temperature and humidity sensor. Thanks to him, the novelty can automatically change the wind speed, depending on the ambient temperature.

The device is powered by a built-in battery.It, according to the company, will last for 20 hours. It will take 4 hours to fully charge the fan. Of the interesting things in the new product, it is also worth noting the built-in negative ion generator, as well as the Wi-Fi module. With it, the device can be connected to the Xiaomi smart home and control the gadget from the phone.

Price and when to wait

Smartmi DC Inverter Floor Fan 3 has already started selling on the Chinese site JD. The issue price is $ 107.

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