Xiaomi showed wireless “powerbank”

Xiaomi is widely known for a wide range of products and accessories. The company is constantly expanding its catalog.

new products such as the Mi toothbrush,Mi Outdoor speaker, wired headphones with two drivers, and more. Now, it seems that the company is launching a new product on the market. On March 16, Xiaomi showed a teaser for a new product. It may be rumored to be Mi Wireless Power Bank.

After watching the teaser, we do not havedoubt that this is a wireless power supply. The video says: “One wire less. My fans, it's time to #CutTheCord. All the strength you need without any hassle. Guess what it is. The hashtag suggests that it will be a wireless product, and the video also suggests that it has to do something with charging. ”

A new accessory will allow you to charge your phone withoutwires anywhere wherever you are. However, we need to wait until March 16 to confirm, but we are 99 percent sure that Xiaomi will introduce the new power bank Mi Wireless Power.