Xiaomi Soocas X5. Premium Sound Brush

Xiaomi Soocas X5 - sonic toothbrush presented on May 10, 2019. The company decided to add its line

products premium version of the smart device fororal hygiene. In fact, this model is an improved version of Soocas X3, but there are a number of features and technical nuances that we will discuss in detail in the review.

Xiaomi Soocas X5


The first thing that immediately catches your eye - updateddesign. The brush is available in two colors - blue and pink (for him and her, respectively). Indicators has become more like control buttons. Now, in addition to the on / off button, the X5 now has a button for adjusting the vibration intensity, which has 3 levels.

The main differences

The review of Soocas X5 will continue to compare with the younger model Soocas X3, because many will choose between these versions, and here, indeed, there are some differences.

  • engine - installed a renewed motor with magnetic levitation. The number of oscillations 37,200 times per minute remains unchanged
  • power control. Now you can switch not only the mode, but also its intensity. In fact, the brush has 12 different modes of operation
  • NFC chip. Warn in advance about the need to change the nozzle (service life 3 months)
  • autonomy. It became higher and is 30 days (increased by 10 days)
  • reduced vibration. Special damper gasket reduces vibration by the engine to the brush body
  • new types of nozzles


The sound brush Xiaomi Soocas X5 is technically perfect and in many ways it is competing with the top market players in the field of oral hygiene.

Soocas x5

Oscillation frequency
37200 times per minute

1000 mAh

30 days (cleaning 2 times a day)

Wireless protocol

Water protection

Charging type

Charging time
16 hours

430 grams

Modes of operation

Toothbrush Soocas X5 has 4 modes of operation:

  • standard - for every day, suitable for most users
  • gentle - for the care of sensitive teeth, implants, braces
  • individual - suitable for beginners
  • whitening - the choice of those who want to achieve maximum whiteness of teeth

Also, there is still no convenient reminder mode. When cleaning, every 30 seconds the brush will remind you of a single vibration that it is time to change the cleaning zone. One session lasts 2 minutes. You can track the quality of cleaning and adjust the brush settings in the application on your smartphone.

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The company also worked on the nozzles, now a choice of 3 types:

  • for bleaching
  • for sensitive teeth and deep cleaning between teeth
  • for polishing and bleaching, the nozzle in the middle has a special silicone insert

Complete set

Xiaomi Soocas X5 has a rich complete set. Now, buying a sound brush, the user gets the brush itself, 3 nozzles, a wireless charging station, a storage case and a rinse cup. In previous versions, the equipment was more scarce.

Where can one buy

Undoubtedly, this model will be extremely popular. Buy Soocas X5 is already possible in the largest Chinese online stores. Naturally, the price will be slightly higher than that of the X3, but not significantly, and everything is also several times lower than the competitors' analogues. If you are interested in an inexpensive sound brush, then we recommend to pay attention to Soocas X1, for children Soocas C1.

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