Xiaomi stops selling flagship Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE

The company Xiaomi decided to temporarily stop selling new models of the Mi 9, Mi 9 SE and Mi 9 Explorer Edition smartphones.


Xiaomi did not cope with the flagships, andstocks are not enough for everyone. Company President Lin Bean attributes this to a lack of experience in internal processes and management. The manufacturer is working on its mistakes, but so far it has not been solved.

Due to the shortage of “nines”, another company was connected to their production: in addition to Foxconn, now BYD is also engaged in assembling flagships.

"We apologize for the harm doneuser experience of our customers. There are simply not enough goods. This afternoon, Xiaomi made such a decision for stockpiling, ”said Xiaomi’s head of public relations department Xu Ji Qiu.

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What now

When will the sales of the Mi 9 line resume - untilunclear. But earlier, the company's founder, Lei Jun, stated that if there is a shortage of new flagships, he will personally go to the factory and assemble smartphones. It seems that the time has come - all the more, he already has a new screwdriver.

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