Xiaomi table clock on E Ink measures the temperature and humidity

The recent announcement at once 20 products Xiaomi was more likely a teaser. The company without haste talks about their new products,

among which were the Mijia desk clock on electronic ink.

What is interesting about them?

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The device with a concise design is equipped with 3.7-inch panel E Ink, which in addition to the time displays the temperature and humidity in the room. The clock can also be mounted on the wall or hung on the refrigerator using the magnet supplied. Another useful indicator is a smiley. He will be satisfied or gloomy depending on how comfortable the conditions in the room are. If at normal temperature the air is too dry, the user will know about it.

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Sensor data can be transferred to the system."Smart" home. And it's not just about syncing with your smartphone. Some Xiaomi ecosystem devices can act as a Bluetooth gateway. These include one of the past models of IP cameras, the Mijia bedside lamp, as well as Yeelight and Philips ceiling lights. This way you can control the operation of the air conditioner and the humidifier, for example.

Electronic ink screen hasmaximum viewing angles and good visibility in bright light. But in the dark something will not be able to make out - the manufacturer refused to illuminate. The watch is powered by two CR2032 battery-tablets, which are enough for an average of one year of operation. The weight of the novelty is 60 grams with dimensions of 110x55x10.1 mm.

Issue price

In the Chinese market, electronic watches Xiaomi Mijiawill go on sale April 9 at a price of 79 yuan, which is almost $ 12 at the current rate. The novelty is clearly produced by Miaomiaoce - under this brand a room thermometer-hygrometer with a similar design and without a Bluetooth module is already being produced.

Do you know what

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