Xiaomi teaser new Redmi smartphone with 32 megapixel front camera

The head of the Indian division of Xiaomi, Manu Kumar Jain, began teasing the announcement of a new smartphone under

Redmi brand.

What is known

He posted pictures taken on the front32 megapixel camera device. Apparently, we are talking about the smartphone Redmi Y3. The novelty is the heir to the last year's Redmi S2 / Y2. Unfortunately, there are no details about the device, but we can assume that it will receive a widescreen display, a camera with AI functions, a Qualcomm 400th or 600th series processor and a fingerprint scanner on the back side.

When to expect

The presentation of Redmi Y3 should pass this month, but the exact date of the announcement is not yet available.

Recall, Xiaomi is now also preparing the flagship smartphone Redmi with a Snapdragon 855 chip. The novelty has recently lit up on video.

Do you know that

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