Xiaomi TicPods 2 Pro. Unique counterpart to Airpods

Xiaomi's subsidiary, Mobvoi, introduced the TicPods 2 and TicPods 2 Pro wireless headphones. Key feature

The top model has become the management of the wave of the head. In addition, the manufacturer added support for aptX, AAC codecs, and also introduced noise reduction. We will consider it further. Read more about the new product in the review.

Overview of TicPods 2 Pro

The number of models of wireless headphones is growingat a tremendous pace. The reason for this is the policy of smartphone manufacturers who, for one reason or another, remove the physical audio connector, forcing users to switch to "wireless". Apple Airpods remains the market leader, no matter what they say or release. They are balanced and comfortable, what is there to hide.

Xiaomi TicPods 2 Pro headphones designed to displacean apple headset from Olympus, offering the market a unique functionality that even Jobs's followers could not previously implement. It's about managing a headset by head movement and about swipe volume control on the surface of the “legs” of the headphones up or down.

Swing and nod control

TicPods 2 Pro Wireless Headphones Receive Technology Support Ticmotionthat allows you to recognize certainhead movements translating into specific commands for headphones. So with an incoming call, you can accept it by nodding your head twice. If you need to reject the call, just shake your head. According to early users, recognition technology works well.

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Touch control

Industry First Wireless Headphonesgot an extended touch control panel. Now you can control the sound volume with swipes. It would seem that a function that should be implemented intuitively in the first generation of Apple Airpods is still ignored by the company's engineers. There is also support for classic tapes for turning on / off music, calling a voice assistant, or answering a call.

Headphones received and infrared opticala sensor for detecting the headphone in the auricle and starting / stopping music. The function is very convenient and in demand. As in the apple headset, it works fine.

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We continue the review of TicPods 2 Pro and dwell on the technical specifications in detail, many will appreciate them.

Type of

Wireless protocol
Bluetooth 5.0

aptX / AAC / SBC

Noise suppression
Qualcomm CVC (2 microphones)

Autonomy of headphones with a case
20 hours

Headphone autonomy
5 o'clock

Charging time
5 minutes of charging - 1 hour of music

Headphone / Case Battery Capacity
30/390 mAh

Headphone / Case Weight
4.4 / 29.5 grams

Driver size
13 mm

Ear Detection Sensor

Water protection


Already online you can find reviews about TicPods 2Pro. Users are very pleased with the ergonomics of the model, emphasize a comfortable fit in the auricle. The sound is great, no worse than Airpods for sure. As for the delay, which is inherent in all TWS headsets, they are practically absent here. Noise reduction really works, but naturally it will not be as noticeable as, for example, in channel models.

By cons TicPods 2 Pro users include the lack ofthe ability to use headphones separately. Rather, only the left earphone can be used as a mono headset. If you remove it in a case, the right one will automatically turn off.


The most interesting thing is that the price of TicPods 2 Proalmost 2 times cheaper than apple and you can buy them for 799 yuan (about 7,000 rubles) starting from November 1. We will publish a list of stores that will sell the headset with delivery to / in Russia a little later. Check the news, gentlemen!

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