Xiaomi troll OnePlus 7 and Robert Downey Jr. in advertising Redmi K20

Xiaomi, having released the new flagship of its sub-brand Redmi K20, did not miss the opportunity to poke one

of its main competitors is OnePlus.

Advertising with a hint

An advertisement for Redmi K20 has appeared on the streets of India.Moreover, billboards were installed right next to the billboards with the image of the OnePlus 7 smartphone and actor Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), who recently became a OnePlus ambassador.

The board says: “Starkly superior to the latest one!” ("Greatly superior to the last One"). Thus, Xiaomi hints at the superiority of the Redmi K20 over the OnePlus 7.

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In addition, a play on words was used here: Starkly - Stark (Tony Stark, the same Iron Man, one of the members of the Avengers team from the Marvel universe).

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Do you know that

The most popular Xiaomi products on Aliexpress are:

  • 19-in-1 electric screwdriver for easy handling with small parts
  • magnetic pad for the very screwdriver
  • automatic soap dispenser with frother
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