Xiaomi unveiled new features MIUI

Xiaomi has decided to introduce users to some new features that it will receive in the near future.

proprietary MIUI shell.

SIM switch

Now switch between SIM cards thatare used to transmit data via mobile networks, it will be possible directly in the “blind”. An image with arrows will appear under the icon. Just click on it and select the required SIM card.

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Long screenshots

These are screenshots of the entire page, and not of a specific fragment that fits on the screen. Now their button has been placed under the screen thumbnail.

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Panoramic Selfie

The new version of MIUI will also allow you to set a timer for panoramic selfies. To do this, you need to open Camera - Panorama - Self-timer.

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This function will not be of interest to us, sinceThe payment system for contactless payments Mi Pay does not yet operate in the international market. But still. Now you can exchange payment data in the system (for example, send it to a friend) using a QR code.

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When exactly these functions will appear in MIUI is not specified.

In addition, the beta version of MIUI 10 introducedScreen Time function. It allows you to find out the number of notifications, screen unlocks and time spent using applications. You can also limit the time you can use a specific application. After the specified time it will turn off, but the limit can be reset again.

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