Xiaomi wants to abandon the cheap flagship line Mi SE

Following the news about the rise in price of smartphones, representatives of Xiaomi upset users with another

statement: the company can say goodbye to the flagship line Mi SE.

What does SE mean

With such a "postscript" Xiaomi for several yearsreleases (and quite successfully) “simplified” flagship models. They are smaller, more compact, devoid of some of the functions of the “older brothers”, but significantly cheaper than them. In general, this is an ideal option for those who want a “powerful horse”, but do not want to overpay.

This year it is Mi 9 SE, in the past - Mi 8 SE. True, their sales are limited to the Chinese market, which is a pity.

Why refuse

Xiaomi Product Manager Van Ten Thomas (WangTeng Thomas) in the Chinese social network Weibo hinted that Mi 9 SE may be the last representative of the line. According to him, compact smartphones can no longer fit into so many functions. Reduced dimensions leave less space for work, and the production of such devices becomes more complex. Therefore, it is possible that next year there will be no flagship SE-version.

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