Xiaomi Warm Up Cup heated mug launched in China

Xiaomi has launched sales of another of its products, which will berelevant for all tea lovers,

This is the Xiaomi Warm Up Cup, a cup that canSales have already started in China, later this smart mug will be availablebuy and on world-famous marketplaces and marketplaces.

Xiaomi Warm Up Cup

Now a little about the features of the Xiaomi Warm mugUp Cup. The unique feature of this heated mug is that it comes with 10W wireless charging. The product can maintain a constant temperature of 55 degrees. To get the cup to work, you will simply need to place it on the wireless charger.

It is worth noting that the Chinese manufactureruses an improved heating method than traditional wire heating methods. The heating temperature remains the same, and it is much safer. First of all, the user will not get any burn when touching the cup. You may be surprised also that there is no difference in design between this and the traditional cups. Xiaomi's heated mug is made of ceramic material, which is quite common in traditional tea sets. On the other hand, Xiaomi advertises a much longer and safer experience in its use.

In fact, the entire cup is waterproof,so you can wash it without worrying about the wireless charging support at the bottom. Among its other features, it is worth noting that it will automatically go into sleep mode after 4 hours of inactivity. That is, if you don’t touch it for 4 hours, it stops heating. This is done to protect the product from internal damage.

As for the price, a new mug can be bought for189 yuan (approximately $ 26). Xiaomi Warm Up Cup will work with any wireless charger that supports 10 watts. This means that you can use wireless chargers from Xiaomi, Huawei, Apple, Samsung or any other third-party brands. In addition, Xiaomi plans to release its first electronic reader on November 20.