Xiaomi Watch will receive improved iOS support in early December

The other day, the general manager of Xiaomi Ecological Chain, Xiaoheng, said on Weibo that the first batch of Xiaomi Watch has already sold out, and

users are already actively using them.It must be said that there are simply a huge number of reviews on the Internet about the new smart watches of the Xiaomi company, for which the manufacturer specifically thanks customers, since it is the reviews that help to constantly improve the product.

Update for Xiaomi Watch

Besides this, Xiaoheng said that the firstThe over-the-air update for Xiaomi Watch will be available on December 3. This update will add some improvements to the operation of the smart accessory, and will also bring better adaptation to the iOS system. In particular, for maximum convenience, an online version of the Xiaomi Wear application for iOS will be available. The watch pairing process will be optimized to minimize system latency after pairing for the first few minutes. When downloading applications to the watch from the store, a Wi-Fi network will be automatically selected so that the download is as smooth as possible. Weather information will also now be updated promptly. These and some other innovations will become available to users on December 3.

Note that Xiaomi Watch became the first smartwatches of the Chinese manufacturer. In their design, they resemble the Apple Watch as much as possible. Users have quite a few functions and options at their disposal, including not only the ability to receive notifications and filtering of daily activity, but also the ability to make calls, as well as store and play music on the watch autonomously. You can familiarize yourself with the accessory in more detail in our review.