Xiaomi went to court against the US government and its sanctions. And she won! (supplemented)

In the last days of his government, the administration of former US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) included

Xiaomi to the list of companies, presumablyassociated with the Chinese military. This led to financial restrictions that were due to take effect next week. But Xiaomi was not afraid and went to court.

What did it lead to

And yesterday US District Judge Rudolph Contreras(Rudolph Contreras) backed the Chinese company and banned the Department of Defense from restricting US investments. True, so far the ban has only been temporarily suspended, but, according to the judge, Xiaomi is likely to win a complete lifting of the ban as the lawsuit develops.

Xiaomi's lawsuit says the Trump administration's decision was "arbitrary and capricious" and stripped the company of its due process rights.

The judge upheld the claim and said: "The court is somewhat skeptical that serious national security interests are actually involved."

Supplemented. Xiaomi has released an official statement following the court's ruling, which reads:

“Xiaomi emphasizes once again that it isa public and independent company that manufactures consumer electronics exclusively for civil and commercial use. Xiaomi considers the decision to put her on the CCMC list excessive and pretentious, and the judge agrees with this. The company will require the court to declare the decision illegal and to remove the company from the list on an ongoing basis. "