Xiaomi will add document scanning and support for HEIC format photos to the MIUI 11 camera

XDA-Developers found several innovations for MIUI 11 in the code of the latest closed test firmware


What is known

The first is the Video Tagging feature, whichwill allow users to add bookmarks while filming. This feature can be useful, for example, when recording a lecture or interview. Also in the camera application there should be a function for scanning documents with two-sided shooting. Such pictures can be saved in black and white and in 1:1 format.

The camera in MIUI 11 will also receive support for HEIF/HEIC photos. This format will significantly reduce the size of pictures compared to PNG or JPG. At the same time, the detail of the images will remain at the same level.

When to expect

Unfortunately, it is not yet known when all these innovations will appear in users. First, they should be announced in an open beta version of the software, and then only in stable firmware.

Do you know that

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