Xiaomi will add the ability to disable ads in the next major MIUI update

Xiaomi began optimizing advertising in the MIUI shell back in the summer, and now it’s going to completely disable


What is known

Product Director and Head of MIUI DivisionExperience announced on the social network Weibo that the developers are preparing an Ad Switch feature. It will allow users to turn off advertising on their smartphone. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear how this will work, because advertising banners bring Xiaomi almost 10% of its total income, and with such a function the figure will definitely decrease. Perhaps the manufacturer has found another way to make money. In any case, users will only benefit from this.

When to expect

The function is still in testing stage andthey plan to add it in the next major MIUI update. Most likely, we are talking about MIUI 11. The new shell, according to rumors, will be shown on September 24 at the presentation of Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Do you know that

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