Xiaomi will deal with annoying ads in the new version of MIUI

The CEO of MIUI Experience told Weibo users about the features of the new version of the MIUI firmware.In

In particular, the topic of annoying advertising in Xiaomi smartphones was touched upon.

What will change

Let us remind you that advertising in the MIUI interface is nowcan appear at any time and in any application. Previously, the developers promised that it would take at least three months to solve the problem, but the time frame was compressed due to the indignation of users.

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Xiaomi will revise its algorithms in a future updatethe appearance of banners and sponsorship icons, and will also add targeted advertising based on interests. After the changes are made, the system will work more stable, and alerts will occur less frequently. At the same time, the user will have the opportunity to turn off all advertising on the smartphone with just one button, which sounds much more interesting.

The new version of MIUI should be released in the coming months.

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