Xiaomi will give MIUI freedom: the smartphone will pick up ringtones for incoming calls

It seems that Xiaomi is preparing another new unusual feature for new versions of the proprietary MIUI shell.

automatic selection of ringtones.

How it works

The developers found a description of this function in the beta version code of the MIUI 9.8.20 firmware.

The scheme is not completely clear, but the system itself will beset ringtones for incoming calls from different numbers. True, no one will change ringtones for calls from their boss or mother - this only applies to companies that provide various services.

For example, when a food delivery man calls, the smartphone will select one melody, when the taxi driver dials another. As a result, the user will recognize by sound which service is calling him.

It is not yet clear how users will get used to itto unknown ringtones and how the system will recognize services. Most likely, Xiaomi will cooperate with companies that will provide it with phone numbers.

This function was found in the Chinese version of MIUI, so whether it will be available in other countries (or whether it will come out at all) is still unknown.

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