Xiaomi will reduce the price of Redmi Note 7 already July 30

The company Xiaomi announced the imminent reduction in prices for one of its most popular smartphones Redmi Note 7. New

device buyers will receive an 18-watt charge as a gift.

When and how much

Starting July 30, the cost of the model with 6 GBRAM and 64 GB of internal flash memory will drop from $ 203 to $ 174. At first, new prices will affect only China, but over time, the discount will crawl to us. Also, vice-president of Xiaomi and head of the brand Redmi Lu Weibing (Lu Weibing) announced that the company refuses 10-watt charging and switches to a more powerful 18-watt charge. In this connection, all new customers of Redmi Note 7 will receive it at a symbolic price of 1 yuan (15 cents). Separately, the memory will cost $ 5.

Recall that the company arranged such an attraction of unprecedented generosity after the announcement of 15 million sold Note 7.

Do you know that

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