Xiaomi will release Bluetooth Key Finder

Xiaomi has announced the launch of a fundraising campaign to launch the new Xiaomi Bluetooth Key Finder. With this gadget

You can easily find your keys, wallet and other valuables.

How it works

In the confusion of everyday life, people often forget whereput their little things. Their search is a peculiar, unnerving exercise for memory, and especially it is out of place when time is running out. Especially for such cases, Xiaomi began to develop a keychain that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. When the Key Finder attached to the keychain moves away from the owner’s smartphone, it begins to vibrate and sends its coordinates. The keychain detection radius is 15-20 meters. Key Finder runs on batteries, if they run out, the tracker will automatically send data about its last location.

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In addition, the gadget has a "two-waymutual search. " It will allow you to find both the keychain itself and the device synchronized with it through the button on the Key Finder body. After pressing it, the lost smartphone will begin to vibrate, even if it was put into silent mode. For this feature, you will need to install a separate Xiaomi application. Another keychain can be used as a Bluetooth button for taking a selfie.

A set of three trinkets will cost $ 14. Date of sale outside of China is unknown.

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