Xiaomi withdraws its electric scooters, but this time not because of hackers

Xiaomi company has to withdraw thousands of its Mi Electric Scooter M365 electric scooters due to problems discovered

in the design.

What is the problem

As it turned out, some scooters are potentially dangerous. The fact is that the screws of the folding mechanism can loosen, and this will lead to breakage during use.

"We encourage everyone who purchased this productimmediately stop using the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter (M365) until it is determined whether it is part of a revocable campaign, ”say Xiaomi representatives.

Whom does it concern

Potentially dangerous model recognized as the M365serial numbers from the ranges 21074 / 00000316–21074 / 00015107 and 16133 / 00541209–16133 / 00544518, issued between October 27 and December 5, 2018. All of them are from Europe, mainly from the UK.

In total, Xiaomi recalls 10,257 Mi Electric Scooter M365. June 26, the campaign starts in the UK, from July 1 - in other European countries.

To find out if this number includes your scooter - go to the site and enter the serial number.

Recall recently in these scooters found a vulnerability that allows you to connect to a scooter without entering a password and take control.

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