Xiaomi ZMI zPower - 30W fast charge for Android smartphones and iPhone for only $ 8

ZMI, which produces Xiaomi chargers, cables and external batteries, has released

fast charging zPower.

What can

In appearance, this is a regular charge - a rectangular block with a matte and glossy texture. But the manufacturer says it’s 28% smaller than Apple’s 30-watt charger.

There are two connectors on the case: USB and USB-C. The maximum output power of the USB-C connector is 30 watts, and the maximum output power of the USB-A connector is 27 watts. If you use both connectors, the power will be 24 watts.

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The manufacturer says that zPower receivedA smart chip that can independently determine the best charging voltage for the device. There is also an intelligent security system that protects against overheating and voltage surges.

Charging can charge both Android smartphones and Apple gadgets, starting with the iPhone 8.


But most of all, ZMI zPower attracts with its price: for a 30-watt charger they ask for only $ 8.

Do you know that

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