Xperia 1: a smartphone that makes you believe in Sony

Truly, the soul of a master can reveal itself only if there are no restrictions. New Japanese electronics in this

The plan does not accept budget restrictions.Hence the standard response to the reproach directed at the company regarding the characteristics of cheap models - they say that development in Japan is much more expensive than that in the Middle Kingdom. In our case, the relevance of this issue has been lost; flagship technical specifications cost 80,000 rubles. There is only one question - how much cooler it is than its competitors.


Mobile phone turned out very long, solong, which at first does not look like a smartphone, but rather a Sony TV remote control. At first, such a design seems extremely ridiculous, but after a short time of use it begins to grow, as far as everything is harmonious here. The company did not stick to the trend of framelessness, therefore here the frames at the top and at the bottom are relatively wide (by today's standards of frameless). At the same time, the smartphone looks much nicer than all these gadgets with bangs, cutouts and protuberances. However, if you compare with models that have a small hole under the camera, then the situation is not so rosy.

Ergonomics of the device is sharpened under normalA person, of course, cannot reach the top with his finger, if they are not like Shurale, but now all flagships are such, not one, so that you can work with one hand. But here the screen is much narrower, so it’s still much more convenient for one hand, and the screen just seems huge, it fits the most, especially websites, news feeds in social networks, and so on. And the smartphone is very beautiful, this feeling is not transmitted in photographs, it is just a perfect device, perfect lines and features.


Screen 21:9 with 4K resolution, although this is not the case. If, for example, take the monitor ull-HD 3480x1080. Someone may say that this is 4K, although it is just 1080, that is, two are close by 1080, and no 4K is here. In addition, for a smartphone such a resolution is useless, it is simply redundant, and will only waste energy. The last 4K in the company was Xperia Premium, but now it’s more like the Galaxy S10 +, but a bit more stretched. The quality, of course, perfect, saturation, color and so on. Movies and games look amazing.


The acoustics here are of the two most powerful in the segment.speakers. At the same time, the sound is volumetric, as in a theater, the frequency range is not very large, in terms of, there is, of course, a bass, but very little, a lot of medium and a bit tweeters. As for the external sound, in headphones, the sound is completely different, it can be considered a reference sound.


It uses the Snapdragon 855 chipset fromQualcomm, so, smartphone performance is at the level of the fastest flagships of the current year. In general, there are no special features, any games at high settings, any applications, are the most resource-intensive. As for autonomy, everything is much sadder here. It is overtaken by all competitors in this class, and the immensely large screen resolution, which is capable of sucking the battery with an active display in five hours, also has an effect.

Pure performance, cool design andchips, whatever brands and other prestige, he has a red price of 50 thousand rubles. In any case, it is exactly the cost of smartphones with similar characteristics.

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