Yandex introduced its smart home system running voice assistant "Alice"

Voice Assistant "Alice" can now turn on and off the light in a smart house through the application, change

temperature in the air conditioner and add volume to the TV.

Now Yandex Smart Home works with dozens of devices created by Philips, Redmond, Rubetek, Samsung, and Xiaomi — smart lights, sockets, and household appliances.

The company also released its own smart devices - light bulbs, sockets and an infrared remote control. You can buy them in the Beru marketplace and in Svyaznoy stores at a price of 1,990 rubles.

In addition, Yandex introduced a smart media player."Model" that can connect to the TV via the HDMI port. With it, users will be able to watch videos from Yandex applications and Yandex.Efir service.

Yandex.The broadcast will be a recommendation system of video for each user based on the study of his behavior on the Internet. The module will work on the basis of Alice. The device can be purchased on the website "Beru" for 1 990 rubles