Yandex launched a bot to search for pirated movies and TV shows

A bot that works on machine learning principles, after finding a link to pirated content passes it

to representatives of the company - as a result, Yandex simply ceases to show it in its search results.

Recently, Yandex and Mail.Ru Group signed a cooperation agreement with copyright holders. Now, search services will, without a trial, delete links to pirated series, films or live broadcasts from the search results or from their video services.

At the request of the copyright holders Yandex since November2018 removed more than 100 thousand links from the search. At the same time, Google has not yet joined the memorandum - Roskomnadzor even had to fine the company for 500 thousand rubles for refusing to delete links to pirated content.

Now the Russian authorities are developing a newpackage of anti-piracy legislation, under which Internet companies will be required to remove links from search results to pirated content without a court decision.