Yandex.Station 2 is available by subscription and for pre-order: prices and bonuses

Yandex announced the start of sales of the second generation station by opening pre-orders and mailing

a special subscription offer for customers who have previously purchased columns by subscription. But first, briefly about the main characteristics of the novelty.

Yandex.Station 2 has become much smaller than its predecessor and received an LED panel instead of a recognizable “twist” control, 30 watts of sound instead of 50 watts and lost the HDMI port, and with it the functionality of the set-top box. At the same time, the column acquired support for a smart home based on the Zigbee protocol, and also received a different housing design with an aperiodic mesh under a fabric casing, which is now not removable - all for the sake of improved sound quality. The sound itself has become smarter - the speaker is able to analyze the surrounding space and optimize the sound for the environment.

The new Station will be available in four colors:anthracite, cobalt, copper and sand, but on May 31, only the black version will go on sale. Others are expected later in the summer. Pre-orders for the column have already started - 16,990 rubles for one column and 18,990 rubles for a column with a set of Aqara sensors (the offer is limited). Well, everyone who wants to subscribe to Station 2 should check the mail specified earlier when registering on Yandex or when buying the last column: Station 2 is offered for 579 rubles per month for a period of three years or for 1399 rubles per month for a period of year. The Plus Multi subscription is included in the price.

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    According to Yandex